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Pool Table Light Fixtures Helps Improve Your Game

The weekend just started and you’re glad that the work week is finally over! You want to relax with your friends so you invite them over to play on your new slate pool table. Before you do this it’s really important that you get a nice pool table light for your table. It’s really important that you get proper lighting for your game room to make those billiard shots go in. If you’re lighting is poor, it can affect your game negatively. For example, improper lighting can create shadows that will distort angles. This can really trick the player when it comes to trick shots.

Pool table lamps usually are fixed to the ceiling so it hangs center to the table. A good rule of thumb for the pool table light height is to have the light fixture hang approximately three feet above the pool table surface. So if someone who is six feet tall, the pool table light should fall just above his nose when standing up straight. A common mistake that everyone does is that they have the light too low thinking will be better lighting, but it’s really creating uneven lighting. Also, having the pool table light too low is in high risk of someone hitting it with their pool stick when they break.

There are many different kinds of pool table lighting fixture designs and sizes that you can choose for your billiard room. One of the more classy styles is the stained glass pool table light fixtures, which is typically another name for the Tiffany pool table light. These lights will bring out the look and feel of a real pool table pub.  You can also purchase two light fixtures so that you can have one going over your folding card table as well.

Now that you have proper lighting, you can further furnish your game room for more entertainment! Depending if you have lots of people over and if you have a lot of extra room, you should consider getting a card table for those poker players. A flat screen TV is almost a standard thing to have in the game room to watch sports, etc. There’s always a nice dart board hanging on the wall at those nice pool halls, so why not look into getting one for your own place? No matter what you decide to add in your game room, it’s easy to overlook the simple things like lighting that would affect your ability to play your very best. So make sure you have ample lighting for your game room and every room in your house for that matter.  Card tables can do with any lighting, but pool tables need proper lighting to fully maximize your playing ability.

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